We are Lingo, a co-creative company in Oslo, Norway.

Show, don't tell, they say. Indeed, meaningful stories are about making people experience ideas through action, words, thoughts, and emotions.

That is also why we turned this page into an open, online editor (go ahead, edit this text). We wanted it to inspire action. We wanted it to reassemble change. We wanted it to reflect conversation and transparency—things that matter to the co-creatives.

At Lingo, we believe stories can transform websites, brands, ideas, and ultimately, the world. Our purpose is to co-create and help organizations shape their stories—whether it is through designing for the social web, developing creative concepts, writing content or delivering inspirational talks.

Return to our traditional website or feel free to ping us on tor at lingosocial dot com to let us know your story. Or just start writing right here, right now. Your copy is kept in the browser - it'll stick around until you re-visit this site.