Creative destruction

Co-Creative destruction

We are Lingo, a small strategic design
and innovation firm in Oslo, Norway.

Through consulting, strategic design tools and training, we transform the way organizations approach innovation for a digital-first world.

First and foremost, we are a co-creative partner. We empower companies and teams to put innovation upfront by helping them roll up their sleeves and apply multi-disciplinary, human-centered, and prototype-driven design practices to their operating model. Put differently, we help organizations think and act more like startups.

Unlike traditional management consulting where planning and prediction are the ways of work, we believe in leading an entrepreneurial culture to bring useful solutions to people's needs and co-create the future.

New technologies unfold like never before. Everyone and everything is connected. Entire industries get disrupted by entrepreneurs in a garage. In this shifting world, we believe 'learning to learn' lies at the heart of innovation. Which is why our approach has more in common with transformative learning than traditional consulting.


Over the past decade we have developed a design platform that breaks down silos and takes a modular, "Lego-like" approach combining methods such as disruptive innovation, jobs-to-be-done, design sprints, agile, lean startup, business model design, blue ocean strategy, and effectuation into custom strategic design practices.

Digital Strategy and Insights

We connect emerging digital technology to people's needs, integrating web design, content development, and performance marketing with strategy and purpose.

Design Sprints

We have extensive experience developing and customizing design-driven innovation and entrepreneurial methods, with a particular focus on two and five-day design sprints.

Organizational (re)design

We audit and help make your organization responsive and ready for the 21st century using our in-house organizational network analysis methods and tools.


From speaking and writing to messaging and positioning, we help shape and put meaningful ideas at the center of communities and conversations that matter.

Learning + Development

Ranging from inspirational talks, 2-day workshops, and customised programmes, we bring strategic learning approaches that build creative confidence and capabilities.

Concept development

We translate deep knowledge of users and customers into relevant interactions, developing creative concepts that put people’s needs at the center of innovation.

Recent Work
Tesla Motors
Innovation Norway
European Comission
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
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